DLew Philanthropy Consulting offers a variety of services to help nonprofits and businesses increase their visibility. Darryl Lewis also known as DLew, founder, has been in the nonprofit sector for several years and also has several years experience working in the for-profit sector.

Nonprofit Experience

He has worked for small to mid-size organizations focused on youth development, the arts, and holistic wellness. Over his career, Darryl has helped small to mid-size nonprofits with his skills including - institutional/individual prospect research, email outreach, grant-writing, newsletter production, fundraising strategy development, campaign building, and CRM and grants management.

For-profit Experience

DLew worked in an internet marketing agency supporting small businesses with activities such as - blogging, newsletters, outreach to bloggers, journalists, social media content, and inbound marketing. He has supported industries including - real estate, performing and visual arts, and tech.

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Funding Prospect Research

DLew offers organizations comprehensive research to find and evaluate potential grants, sponsorships, and individual donors, and partnership opportunities that align with the organization's mission and programs/services.

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Nonprofit Writing

DLew offers a myriad of writing activities for nonprofits including - grant proposals, presentations, strategic plans, and much more!

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Small Business Support

DLew offers support for small businesses which include - business plan development, newsletters/blogging, pitch decks, and outreach.

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